Coin Master Game Explanation For Beginners

Coin Master Game Explanation For Beginners.

coin master beginners guide explains the basics of the coin master game. everything you need to know before you play coin master. 

Coin master could be a base-building game with the fun of a spin machine, The gameplay is straightforward. spin the slot And achieve rewards, raid friends' villages. And loot from their village to create your own village.

get attack hammer to attack other villages. earn XP and food to feed your pet. collect cards to induce Rewards. use it to make your village. down below is a complete explanation of the game. continue reading.

Coin Master Game Explanation For Beginners.

The Shield.

A coin master shield is used to safeguard your village from enemy attacks. you will be ready to have up to some Shields. within the start, it'll protect your village 3 times from enemy attack.

it applies to you furthermore may. when you’re attacking other players’ villages, it'll protect their village also.

Quick Note:- shield won't protect you from Raids.

The Coin Bags.

coins bag gives you more coins than others. you'll tumble from your spin machine. you would like to match x3 bags at once within the spin machine to induce more coins, within the coin master. it'll facilitate you to increase your game level.

The Hammer – Attack.

you have to match X3 of hammers, to provoke the attacking hammer. it's like ” Thor’s hammer.

you can use it to attack players’ villages. Now here you've a option to choose the player you would like to attack. Otherwise, the game itself picks you a random player to attack.

on-screen, the coin master will show his, or her village, and you have have to be compelled to choose with building you would like to attack. which is able to increase your star level, by reducing the building’s star level. that you just just have just attacked.

The Raid.

Coin's master raid may well be an emblem of a pig wearing a bandit mask. if you get a similar bandit mask pig during a row, you immediately perform a Raid.

In here you'll be able to not choose your opponent, it'll give you random players to Raid. on-screen you’ll see (4 large X). you’ll have an opportunity to dig only three X.

And you'll be able to get an outsized number of gifts from it. And if you get coins from all  X. it’ll be called super Raid.

Village Building.

This is a really important a part of your game. where you build the villages. There are five buildings you'd wish to construct in each stage.

to complete a stage. And advance to the subsequent village, you wish to upgrade all of your buildings in your current village to a 5-star Rating.

Building cost will increase by your village stage, it means once you enter the following village, all the Building cost is above the previous one. As of January 2021, There are 293 villages. with their own theme.

Also, check all village's prices.


If a player attacks your village then you’ve got the prospect to need revenge by attacking his village.

if you get a full row of hammers within the spin machine, the game will take you to the Attacking screen. there you’ll get a revenge option, click thereon, and also,

the game will provide you with the list of Attackers who attacked your village, select one and take revenge. And collect their spins, coins, and cards.


If you’ve got a large number of spins, you’ll execute Bets. once you rise your bet within the spin machine. this process will spend many spins. But the rewards are visiting be higher. when making a raid.

you’ll get a vast amount of Rewards. (eg: If you boost your bet to 20X you’ll spend 20 spins at a time, and if you won 4M coins from that spin, you’ll get 40M coins).

To run this trick you would like to possess many spins, where you’ll get from CMFS, ( THE COIN MASTER FREE SPINS PROVIDER).


Cards are comprehended. by opening up chests, which are acquired using coins, there are several different card collections, and each collection contains 9 cards.

form all Nine cards, and you’ll be marked with Great Gifts. you'll trade your cards daily together with your friends, up to 5 cards on a day after day.

The Joker Card.

This card could actually be truly rare in coin master. you’ll dig by participating in events or unsealing mystery chests.

this card has the flexibleness to transform into any card you’d like, even gold cards. this card attributes a deadline, so cash in before it expires.


Pets will assist you in raid & attack and might give the selection bonus which is ready to help you to increase your game level.

Your pet will provide a bonus for the next four hours, Once those fours are up, your pet will move to sleep. to induce more benefits you’ve must feed your pet’s food, and you’ll level up your pets by XP.


Foxy is that the very first Pet you unseal. When your play, but additionally the premier is efficacious. afterward within the game. Foxy gives you an additional shovel in raids, meaning you’ve got another chance to seem out or find a chest. Foxy unlocks at village 4.


tiger helps you to extend your rewards in attacking mode. once you attack another player's village, it helps you to realize more rewards from that village.


unlock Rhino by completing the creature’s card collection. rhino supports you to dam the attack from friends to your village. It works as sort of a shield for your has only a tenth chance of preventing an enemy attack.