Coin Master : Leprechaun Land Event Rewards List.

Coin master announced a new event. Leprechaun Land. participating in events is more beneficial to players. At events, you can win a huge amount of Coin Master Free Spins and Coins. On this day coin master announced three events. Leprechaun Land, Card Boom, Rainbow Event.

Leprechaun Land Event is simple like all others. you have to collect points to reach rewards. This Event is visible for 4 working days.

  1. Hit one symbol you'll get 2 points.
  2. Hit two symbols you'll get 5 points.
  3. Hit three symbols you'll get 15 points.
when you reach the targeted points score you will be rewarded with XP, Coins, Spins. and Chest. you can win up to 45K Spins In Leprechaun Land. So don't waste your time and get to work. 

Down below the complete rewards list of Leprechaun Land Event.

Leprechaun Land Event

Leprechaun Land Event Rewards List.

Land PointsRewards.
15 Points65 Spins
15 PointsCoins
25 Points6.5K XP
200 Points110 Spins
40 PointsCoins
325 Points275 Spins
50 Points13K XP
525 Points375 Spins
725 Points450 Spins
80 PointsCoins
1300 Points1000 Spins
200 PointsCoins
2100 Points1500 Spins
100 Points50K XP
250 PointsCoins
3400 Points2500 Spins
400 Points150K XP
5500 Points4000 Spins
400 PointsCoins
6250 Points5200 Spins
1150 PointsCoins
7250 Points6700 Spins
12000 Points9000 Spins
1200 Points300K XP
18000 Points13000 Spins
3000 Points600K XP
30000 Points20000 Spins
3000 Points10.5B Coins
45000 Points30000 Spins
5000 PointsChest
70000 Points45000 Spins