Coin Master Tribal Quest Event | 100% Complete Guide.

Tribal Quest Event.

Coin master announced a new layout and name for Viking quest. The tribal quest is the new version of the Viking quest. From now on, Rewards ( Coin Master Free Spins and Coins ) will be huge to all Coin Master players.

The tribal quest will only visible for village 50 or the above villages. Tribal quest initiating time is 18 hours. And you can win ten big rewards. Complete the given mission to receive your rewards.

Tribal Quest Event In Coin Master.
Tribal Quest Event.

A tribal quest is a limited-time event. You can play these events with coins instead of spins. You can win a lot more from this kind of event for a limited period. 

The most significant advantage is your rewards will be raid protected.

Tribal Quest Welcome Bounce.

Coin master giving the 2.5M coins as a welcome bounce for the tribal quest. Claim these coins and play the event to claim the ten big rewards. 

What is Tribal Quest Event? 

This event is all about symbols. You'll get ten symbols. When you get these symbols, you'll be rewarded with the rewards. Every symbol contains different rewards. The below list will help you with all the rewards that are given for each symbol.

  • Claim 3 Queen Symbols and Collect x40 Bet Multiplier.
  • Claim 3 Kings Symbols and Collect x20 Bet Multiplier.
  • X15 Bet Multiplier and Get any 2 Kings Symbols.
  • X10 Bet Multiplier and Get 3 Coins Symbols.
  • X5 Bet Multiplier and Get any 1 Queen Symbols.
  • X2 Bet Multiplier and Get 3 Top Heart Symbols.
  • X1 Bet Multiplier and Get 3 Ekka Symbols.
  • 2 Bet Multiplies and Get 3 Mix Symbols.
  • Get three bonus wheel symbols and win moving wheel prices.

Tribal Quest Top 10 Rewards List.

  1. 30 Spins and 3,000 XP for Foxy Poison and 4,000,000 Coins and Golden Chest.
  2. 5M Coins and 30 Spins.
  3. 25M Coins - 100 Spins 5,000 XP for Foxy Poison and One Magical Chest.
  4. 40M Coins - 7,500 XP for Foxy - 1 Snack Food.
  5. 60M Coins - 20,000 XP for Foxy Poison - One Magical Chest.
  6. 150 Spins - 125M Coins and One Golden Card.
  7. 150M Coins - 30,000 XP for Foxy Poison - One Magical Chest.
  8. 250M Coins - 300 Spins - 1 Snack Food.
  9. 175M Coins - 50,000 XP for Foxy Poison.
  10. 600M Coins - 5,250 Spins - 200,000 XP for Foxy Poison and One Golden Card.