Coin Master Girl Power Event | Sweets Tournament

Coin Master The Girl Power Event.

The Girl Power Event. is Activated for 70 hours. Play this event to win Coin Master Free Spins and Coins. There are 3 simple steps to collect girl points.

  • Hit One Symbol and collect Two Girl points.
  • Hit Two Symbol and collect Five Girl points.
  • Hit Three Symbol and collect Fifteen Girl points.

Tip: Bet higher to get more girl points
Collect 30 Girl Points to claim 250M Coins.

Coin Master The Girl Power Event.

Coin Master Girl Power Event Rewards.

Girl PointsRewards.
10 Girl Points60/65 Spins
10 Girl Points85M Coins
20 Girl Points6K XP
150 Girl Points110 Spins
30 Girl Points200M Coins
250 Girl Points275 Spins
40 Girl Points12K XP
400 Girl Points375 Spins
550 Girl Points425 Spins
60 Girl Points300M Coins
100 Girl Points25K XP
1000 Girl Points900 Spins
150 Girl Points850M Coins
1600 Girl Points1.5K Spins
80 Girl Points45K XP
200 Girl Points1B Coins
2600 Girl Points2.5K Spins
300 Girl Points125K XP
4300 Girl Points4K Spins
350 Girl Points1.5B Coins
6250 Girl Points5.5K Spins
1000 Girl Points4.2B Coins
7250 Girl Points7.2K Spins
12000 Girl Points9/10K Spins
1200 Girl Points300K XP
18000 Girl Points13K Spins
3000 Girl Points600K XP
30000 Girl Points20K Spins
3000 Girl Points10.5B Coins
45000 Girl Points30K Spins
5000 Girl Points1.5M XP
70000 Girl Points45K Spins
7500 Girl Points1.5M XP
100000 Girl Points65K Spins
15000 Girl Points42B Coins
150000 Girl Points100000 Spins
15000 Girl Points3M XP
200000 Girl Points175K Spins

Coin Master Sweets Tournament.

Coin Master Sweets Tournament Activating time is 11Hours. You will be Rewarded with one missing Golden Card.

you have to get 5 Sweets to participate in the tournaments. play this tournament as an attacker and raider. Attack other players village to get 5 sweet points. If that attack blocked you will get 4 points.

just like that, you have to raid other players' villages to collect sweet points. if you perform a normal raid you will get 6 sweets points. and you can get 8 points for the perfect raid.