Attack Madness Gong Wild Event | September 2021

Coin master today announced a new event. Attack madness gong wild event. This event is live for 71hours. Around 3 days.

Before playing coin master events we always recommend collecting coin master free spins. We provide coin master free spins on daily basis so make sure you collect them all before playing.

Howe To Play Coin Master Attack Madness Gong Wild Event.

Coin Master Attack Madness Gong Wild Event

Coin master attack madness gong wild event has 3 main rules.

Hit one symbol and get one symbol.

Hit two symbols and get two symbols.

Hit three symbols and get attack plus four symbols.

To have more rewards you need to increase your bet level. More your increase bet levels more rewards you will be getting.

Coin Master Attack Madness Gong Wild Event Gameplay.

Gameplay language in Hindi. sorry for that but this trick can be your game changer so make sure to watch the full video to understand this trick.


Coin Master Diamond Tournament.

Coin Master Diamond Tournament.

The diamond tournament is live for 4hours. get 5 diamonds to join the tournament. you can win some extra rewards on this tournament so make sure to take benefits from the diamond tournament.

How To Play Coin Master Diamond Tournmaent

if the attack gets blocked you'll get 4 diamonds. and when you successfully perform an attack you'll get 5 diamonds. when you perform a normal raid you'll get 6 diamonds and 8 diamonds for a perfect riad.

always remember to bet higher to get more from the tournament.