Coin Master Fireworks Frenzy Event | September 2021

09-09-2021 coin master announced one new event Fireworks Frenzy, with a magic mummy tournament and a card boom event.

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Coin Master Fireworks Frenzy Event.

Fireworks Frenzy Event.

The Fireworks Frenzy Event will be live for 95 hours. Almost 4 days. Capitalize on the opportunity before it expires.

Read the full article and watch the video attached below to understand the event more clearly to win big.

Coin master firework frenzy divided into 3 steps.

Fireworks Frenzy

  1. Hit 1 symbol and get 2 symbol
  2. Hit 2 symbols and get 4 symbol
  3. Hit 3 symbols and get 10 symbol

If you increase you bet higher your rewards will be higher.

Watch this video to understand the gameplay strategy. Language is different sorry for that.

Coin Master Magic Mummy Tournament.

Magic Mummy Tournament.

Coin master magic mummy tournament lives only for 3 hours. So be fast.  This tournament is simple like other tournaments.

To join the tournament, you need to have 5 spider symbols.

When your attack gets blocked by an enemy you’ll receive 4 spiders.

When you successfully attack the enemy you’ll get 5 spiders.

A simple raid can get 6 spiders.

A perfect ride can get you 8 spiders.

Remember every time you need to keep your bet higher for big rewards.

Wrapping it up.

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