Coin Master 19 million Friends event | October 2021

Coin master announced a new event 19Million friends. This event is live for 4 days. Every event has its own uniqueness and strategies. 

This event going to be very special because coin master completed 19million followers on active on Facebook to get more rewards.

We always recommend that you collect coin master free spins before playing events. So that you can take the huge number of rewards from those.

How To Play Coin Master 19Million Friends’ Event.

Coin Master 19 million Friends event

Coin master 19million friends’ event has 3 main rules.

1.       Hit one symbol and get two symbols

2.       Hit two symbols and get four symbols

3.       Hit three symbols and get 10 symbols

Always bet higher to get higher rewards.

19Million Friends Event Gameplay.

watch this gameplay for better understanding.