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Coin Master Bloom Into Spring Event

coin master bloom into spring

Coin master updates its new event. Coin master Bloom into spring event. Not only that, there are three more events that the coin master announced. You can earn more additional coin master free spins with all events.  
  • Wild carnival tournament
  • Viking quest event.
  • Card boom event.
But in this short article, we are talking About coin master bloom into spring events. And you can get the event rewards list also. This information will help you to gain more consternation towards the event. 

How To Play Coin Master Bloom Into Spring Event?. 

We can split bloom into spring into three parts. 

  • Claim one symbol to get two flowers.
  • Claim Two symbols to get Four flowers.
  • Claim Three symbols to get twelve flowers.

Coin Master Bloom Into Spring Event Rewards List.

Down below, you'll fetch all the rewards of the Coin Master Bloom Into Spring Event. Do review, and it will help you.

5 Flower Points55 Spin
20 Flower PointsCoin
50 Flower PointsXP
150 Flower Points200 Spin
60 Flower PointsCoin
350 Flower Points390 Spin
80 Flower PointsCoin
150 Flower PointsXP
550 Flower Points650 Spin
130 Flower PointsCoin
250 Flower PointsXP
1100 Flower Points1.3K Spin
200 Flower PointsCoin
1800 Flower Points1.8K Spin
350 Flower PointsCoin
2800 Flower Points2.6K Spin
450 Flower PointsXP
4500 Flower Points4K Spin
1000 Flower PointsCoin
7000 Flower Points6K Spin
800 Flower PointsXP
11000 Flower Points9K Spin
1700 Flower PointsXP
18000 Flower Points16K Spin
2500 Flower PointsXP
50000 Flower Points40K Spin
5000 Flower PointsXP
75000 Flower Points55K Spin
50000 Flower PointsCoin