Coin Master Pot Of Gold Event - CMFS

Coin Master Pot Of Gold Event.

Coin Master Pot Of Gold Event is only activated for 72 Hours. all the events are great and helpful. it will help you to grow your village very quickly by claiming your Coin Master Free Spins and coins. 

The event is simple you have to match symbols on the slot machine.

  • Hit 1 symbol and claim 2 Points.
  • Hit 2 symbols and claim 4 points.
  • Hit 3 symbols and claim 12 points.

How We Play Coin Master Pot Of Gold Event.

coin master pot of gold event

many players don't know how to play a pot of gold. this event is only for you to earn spins and coins and many more extra rewards to build your villages very quickly. 

you will get 1k spins to play. so you have to play very cleverly. set your bet to 10x. if you increase your bet level you will get less chance to win big rewards. it is all your choice. but my suggestion is to play in 10x.

Coin Master Pot Of Gold Event Rewards List.

Pot PointsRewards.
5 Pot Points55 Spin
20 Pot PointsCoins
50 Pot PointsXP
150 Pot Points200 Spin
60 Pot PointsCoins
350 Pot Points390 Spin
80 Pot PointsCoins
150 Pot PointsXP
550 Pot Points650 Spin
130 Pot PointsCoins
250 Pot PointsXP
1100 Pot Points1.3K Spin
200 Pot PointsCoins
1800 Pot Points1.8K Spin
350 Pot PointsCoins
2800 Pot Points2.6K Spin
450 Pot PointsXP
4500 Pot Points4K Spin
1000 Pot PointsCoins
7000 Pot Points6K Spin
800 Pot PointsXP
11000 Pot Points9K Spin
1700 Pot PointsXP
18000 Pot Points16K Spin
2500 Pot PointsXP
50000 Pot Points40K Spin
5000 Pot PointsXP
75000 Pot Points55K Spin
50000 Pot PointsCoins

Coin Master Rainbow Tournament.

Rainbow Tournament activated for 14 hours. and you can claim the missing gold card in this tournament. you have to get 5 rainbow points to join.

The coin master rainbow tournament is simple. you have to attack and raid other players' villages to get rainbow points.

Attack other players' villages to get 4 points. if your attack gets blocked you will get 5 points. just like that, you have to make a raid on other players' villages. to claim 6 points. if you perform a perfect raid you'll get 8 points.

Top 10 Rewards For Coin Master Rainbow Tournament.

Coin Master Rainbow Tournament only offers rewards for the top 10 players. down below list shows the top rewards for the top 10 players.

110M Coins & 1000 Spins & One Chest
28M Coins & 1000 Spins & 8K XP
35M Coins & 800 Spins & 5K XP
43M Coins & 500 Spins & 2K XP
53M Coins & 200 Spins & 2K XP
6100 Spins & 3M Coins & 2K XP
7100 Spins & 3M Coins & 2K XP
870 Spins & 3M Coins & 1K XP
950 Spins & 3M Coins & 1K XP
1050 Spins & 3M Coins & 1K XP