How To Become A Pro In Coin Master 2024

Whenever I see my friends, I wonder how they're playing better than me. I always wonder what tricks dose they use to play coin master. Have you ever had this question? If yes, you’re at the right place. After having these questions personally, I learned some useful tricks that helped me to beat my friends.

How To Become Pro in Coin Master.

become pro in coin master

In this guide, we are going to share all the tricks that I’ve used over time to beat my friends. And these tricks will make you a pro in coin master.

So, fasten your seatbelts, we are going on a thrill ride to become pro in coin master. Before we move further make sure that you’ve read coin master free spins, coin master boom level villages, and coin master pets.

So, with that being said let’s dive deep into the guide.

Grab all your daily Bounce.

Everyday coin master gives you 100 to 200 spins with millions of coins and free pet foods. many players don’t even collect them. Make sure to collect all the daily bounces that coin master gives you. Even if you don’t play coin master regularly, collect all the rewards daily.

2x your daily rewards.

Along with daily free spins, there are multiple ways to collect Rewards from the coin master. Let’s see how you can obtain more rewards.

Hourly Rewards

Coin Master gives you 5 free spins every hour. Which is 120 free spins every day. And you can also get free pet foods so that you can be active pets.

Big Raids

We all know that Coin Master has a feature called raids. But performing big raids is like winning a lottery. To perform big raids always bet higher as possible. And with a higher bet, use Foxy. This will empower your raids and you can get max rewards from it.


Attacking is another great way to earn coins. Use Tiger While attacking it will generate more coins and don’t forget to use bets while attacking for more rewards.

Complete card sets

Completing card sets is another great way to earn free rewards. You can buy a chest to get cards or raiding can give you cards. Or utilizing boom-level villages can give rare cards. You can also trade duplicate cards to get desired cards in coin master.

Coin master events

Coin master events are a great way to earn coins. You can win lots of coins by participating in events but if you have VIP account rewards will be higher than usual.

Coin master clans

By joining a clan in coin master, you can share gifts with other clan members and can earn free rewards that are shared by other clan members. Also, by completing clan challenges you can earn even great rewards.

Watch ads

By simply watching video ads you can earn some coins and spins. The option will be shown to you when you’re out of coins and spins.

Coin master gems

Gems in the coin master can give free spins and coins. Collect lots of gems to get free spins and coins.

So these are how you can get coin master free spins and coins. Never miss a single opportunity in coin master. And obtain as much as possible.

Utilize pets in coin master

pets are used to generate more rewards while raiding and attacking and also to defend your village from attack. There are three pets in coin master foxy. Tiger, rhino.


Foxy helps you while raiding and gives you more rewards. You can activate Foxy at village 4.


Tiger helps while attacking. Activating the tiger while attacking will be more rewarding. You can unlock the tiger when you complete the beast card collection.


Rhino protects your villages from attack. Rhino will be unlocked when your complete creature card set.

Remember, to get the most out of pets, you have to level up each pet. And to activate your pet, you have to feed them. Check this complete guide, on coin master pets.

Buy chest on Boom Village.

There are three types of chests in coin master, wood, gold, and magical. Coin master chests are the source to get free spins and coins along with cards. But buying chests in boom villages can give you some rare cards.

Every time you enter boom villages stay a bit longer. And buy chests as much as possible, these village has the power to give rare items, that are hard to find in coin master. once you have mastered this, you'll be step closer to become pro in coin master.

Send Multiple Cards a Day.

become pro in coin master

as you know sending cards has a limit. And this trick will bypass the limit and you can share as many cards as you want.

Changing phone date

By changing your phone's date, you can send multiple cards a day. For example, today’s date is 15 August, and you have limits, now change the date to 16 August, that’s it, now you can share more cards. By doing this you can share as many cards as you want. But our advice is to do it one or two times a day. Don’t be greedy😉


These all are the working tricks, if you learn to use them properly, I am sure that one day you’ll be a pro in coin master. There are a few more tricks that we are trying right now. Once we succeed on those, we will share those tricks on our website. So, make sure to bookmark our page, So that you’ll never miss an update.

If you're facing any problems with coin master, feel free to contact us we are always happy to help you.