Coin Master Pets || Complete Guide

There here are billons of coin master players in this world and very few knows how to utilize coin master pets in a right way. If you’re reading this post, that means you’re serious about coin master and want to utilize it to boost your Rewards. And protection.

Coin Master Pets

coin master pets

There are three pets in coin master. These coin master pets have their own abilities that you can use to improve overall gaming experience.


Foxy is a raiding master. And also, the first pet you unlock. Foxy will help you while raiding. And has the ability to give you extra 106% amount you’ve raided. Isn’t that crazy!


Tiger is Attacking Master. Use tiger while attacking, because it has the ability to give you extra coins while attacking. Also, the damage rate while using tiger is 410% more than usual.


Rhino is defending master. Rhino defends your village from attacks with 70% shield protection. Activating rhino while building villages or when your offline will be the best practice.

How to unlock coin master pets.

coin master pets

You can’t unlock coin master pets randomly; they are some certain requirements to unlock pets in coin master. Firstly, you can unlock foxy at village 4. This the easiest pet to unlock. Just by entering village 4 you can unlock it.

But when it comes to unlocking tiger, you have to complete beast card collection set.  Same goes to rhino, complete creature card collection to unlock rhino.

Wake Your Pets

To get benefits from coin master pets you have to wake it first. To wake your pets from sleep you have to feed them. So how to get coin master pet food? You can purchase pet foods or you can get it for free. Let’s talk about free food, you can get free petfood from events, completing card sets or from slot machine. Usually for one pet food you can active on pet for 15 minutes. More you feed; more active your pets are. You can activate pets for 4 hours straight.

So, with that being said let’s dive deep into each pet and their albites.

Foxy Levels

Foxy is a favorite pet of many coin master players. Each time you upgrade it with XP, you’re boosting its levels and rewards it gives you! down below, we have shared the list, on which level your getting max rewards.

  1. Level 1: 16% bounce
  2. Level 18: 50% bounce
  3. Level 56: 90% bounce
  4. Level 100: 100% bounce
  5. Level 169: 105% bounce
  6. Level 256: 110% bounce
  7. Level 400: 119% bunce

Tiger Levels

Tiger is an attacker, it gives you coins for every attack you perform with tiger, since you get more attacks than raids, it is very beneficial to activate tiger as your pet. But to activate it, you need to unlock it first, and to unlock it you have to complete beast card collection. We have shared the list of bounce you get with tiger on each level.

  1. Level 1: 60% bounce
  2. Level 21: 200% bounce
  3. Level 80: 300% bounce
  4. Level 181: 400% bounce
  5. Level 300: 417% bounce

Rhino Levels

Rhino is a defender of village. But to get proper defense, you have to level up Rhino. On level 1 you only get 10% defense, whereas at level 200 it gives you 70% defense.  Check out the complete list down below.

  1. Level 1: 10% defense
  2. Level 39: 50% defense
  3. Level 49: 60% defense
  4. Level 120: 70% defense
  5. Level 200: 70% defense

So, now you know the levels and bounces each pet gives you. Now the question is

Which pet to use in coin master

If you ask any coin master players which pet, they use in coin master the answer would be same in most cases. Foxy is widely used pet in coin master because its easy to unlock and you can upgrade it faster.

But as of 2023 you can use more than one pet at the same time. We are not giving you any suggestions on which pet to use, but you can make foxy as your default pet. Its all up to you. Comment below which pet you use in coin master