Coin Master Pot Of Gold Event

pot of gold event or others Events are the most important part of coin master. Every time you look into the coin master, there will be an active event present in the coin master. By participating in events players can earn a max number of rewards. Later, you can utilize those rewards to build your villages.

But, the only problem with players, is that they don’t even know what they get and how to play coin master events, once a player gets clarity on events, they can master it and earn a huge number of rewards.

In this guide, we will be discussing the Pot of Gold event. What is a pot of gold event? How to play? And the rewards List Example. By reading this article you can get a full map of the event and can utilize the pot of gold event to get more rewards.

What is the Pot of Gold Event?

coin master pot of gold event

The coin master pot of gold represents symbols. Or you can say symbol event. Just by hitting a specific symbol within the slot machine, you can win rewards.

How To Play Coin Master Pot of Gold Event.

As I told you, a pot of gold is a symbol event. When an event goes live, you’ll see a specific symbol in a slot machine. All you need to do is to match three symbols. Above the slot machine, you can see several symbols you have collected and the target of the symbols you have to collect. When you successfully collect the number of targeted symbols, you’ll be rewarded with whatever the game has promised. It can be pet food or XP, or you can get free spins and coins. Or a chest.

The pot of Gold event will be live for 72 hours, which is 3 days. In these three days, you can win a thousand free spins and millions of coins. On a basic level of a pot of gold, you’ll require spins, so that you can successfully participate in events. To get extra free spins and daily spins, you can check our guide on coin master free spins.

Best Tips to Play Coin Master Pot of Gold Event.

There are three important tips on a pot of gold event. By remembering these tips while playing, you can maximize your rewards.

TIP 1: have a good number of spins before patriating on a pot of gold event.

Before entering a pot of gold, make sure to collect all the free spins from various methods that we have shared on this site. Gather Buch spins first because you have to bet higher at the beginning of the event so that you can grab all those rewards fasters.

TIP 2: Bet Higher

It is important to best higher at the beginning of the event because the basic rewards are very less and to get the max out of a pot of gold you need to make sure, you have to bypass and collect the basics rewards as soon as possible. As I told you earlier, this event duration is 3 days, so you have to go for big once as quickly as possible.

TIP 3: Change the bet Frequency.

It's not recommended to play a whole pot of gold event on a higher bet, once you reach the big rewards margin, make sure to change your betting level according to the spins you have. In this way, you can balance spins and rewards at the same time.

Coin Master Pot of Gold Event Rewards Example List.

This list is not the actual rewards you’ll get. Take this list as an example of what you can get from a pot of gold event.

Pot PointsRewards.
5 Pot Points55 Spin
20 Pot PointsCoins
50 Pot PointsXP
150 Pot Points200 Spin
60 Pot PointsCoins
350 Pot Points390 Spin
80 Pot PointsCoins
150 Pot PointsXP
550 Pot Points650 Spin
130 Pot PointsCoins
250 Pot PointsXP
1100 Pot Points1.3K Spin
200 Pot PointsCoins
1800 Pot Points1.8K Spin
350 Pot PointsCoins
2800 Pot Points2.6K Spin
450 Pot PointsXP
4500 Pot Points4K Spin
1000 Pot PointsCoins
7000 Pot Points6K Spin
800 Pot PointsXP
11000 Pot Points9K Spin
1700 Pot PointsXP
18000 Pot Points16K Spin
2500 Pot PointsXP
50000 Pot Points40K Spin
5000 Pot PointsXP
75000 Pot Points55K Spin
50000 Pot PointsCoins

Wrapping it up.

Use all the above-mentioned tips to enhance your rewards, and make sure to grab max rewards from a pot of gold event. If you have questions regarding this event or coin master, you can contact us. We are happy to help you any time.